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Surprise and Delight in UX… and Trash Cans

PUSH the Talking Trash Can

Something punny is happening
Except for perhaps arriving to work in the morning and finding yours displaced from your cubicle, few of us would be down in the dumps over a missing trash can. And yet, when news recently broke that a garbage can might be …

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Disney View-Master Memories and Experiments

View-Master Viewer

View-Master reels and viewers have been commercially available since 1939. They take advantage of human’s stereoscopic vision by presenting a slightly different image to each eye. The brain combines both together to create a three-dimensional image with a sense of depth.
I developed this series of …

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Are We There Yet? 11 Ways to Improve the Waiting UX

“Waiting in line is torture” according to a recent New York Times article. Lines are the bane of every theme park traveler and their biggest complaint. Most people hate waiting for anything and work hard to avoid it. Amazon will even happily sell you a …

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Arrows: Just as Important as Boxes

In a 2012 UX Day presentation at the HFES Annual Meeting, Bill Buxton shared his critique of many student projects. He summarized that too often focus was only given to the “boxes.” The user interface screens were presented with elaborate detail and a highly considered …

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‘Information Architecture’ in Disney architecture – There’s no place like hub

Walt Disney by sketch of Disneyland

For those of you who have been to a Disney park, this lead picture probably looks familiar. And yet, many of the attractions in the sketch were either never built or have disappeared long ago. I’m guessing that you first recognized the macro-level structure and …

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