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Are We There Yet? 11 Ways to Improve the Waiting UX

“Waiting in line is torture” according to a recent New York Times article. Lines are the bane of every theme park traveler and their biggest complaint. Most people hate waiting for anything and work

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Easter Egg UX: Of Hidden Mickeys and Flight Simulators

Hidden Mickey Easter Eggs

I don’t remember how I learned there was a ‘flight simulator’ hidden inside of Microsoft Excel, nor do I remember how I learned that there are hidden Mickey Mouse heads scattered throughout Disney properties,

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You Too (and U2) Should Get Out of the Studio

U2 in Olympic Studio

Because so many posts here highlight the work done by Disney and Imagineering, you might assume I am a fan. Instead, I prefer to think of it as “professional admiration.” Whereas, with U2 –

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How UX Designers Are Like Aladdin’s Genie

Disney Genie

Guest author: Danielle Arad of — Who hasn’t wished they had Aladdin’s Genie to grant their every wish and to make the most amazing magic in the universe happen? We often wish that we

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Arrows: Just as Important as Boxes

In a 2012 UX Day presentation at the HFES Annual Meeting, Bill Buxton shared his critique of many student projects. He summarized that too often focus was only given to the “boxes.” The user

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Grid Introduction for UX Designers

Glacier Bay Park

On the fourth night of our Alaskan cruise, I received a welcome surprise by our cabin door: a US National Park Service (NPS) map. We were about to sail into Glacier Bay National Park

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