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Surprise and Delight in UX… and Trash Cans

PUSH the Talking Trash Can

Something punny is happening
Except for perhaps arriving to work in the morning and finding yours displaced from your cubicle, few of us would be down in the dumps over a missing trash can. And yet, when news recently broke that a garbage can might be …

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Easter Egg UX: Of Hidden Mickeys and Flight Simulators

Hidden Mickey Easter Eggs

I don’t remember how I learned there was a ‘flight simulator’ hidden inside of Microsoft Excel, nor do I remember how I learned that there are hidden Mickey Mouse heads scattered throughout Disney properties, but I’m happier knowing they’re there.
These examples, and many others, are …

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Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics Applied to User Experience

Lincoln Audio-Animatronic from World's Fair

If you have seen the new Lincoln movie, hopefully you did not mistake Daniel Day-Lewis’ fantastic performance with a robot. And yet, the release of this movie did coincide with me thinking about a robotic president. Those familiar with Disney history will remember one of …

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People as pixels: Increasing audience engagement

Glow with the Show ears at World of Color by suzie_s

What do the London Olympic ceremonies, Coldplay concerts and a Disney park have in common? Each helped transform the casual observer of a live event into a more active participant.
In particular, they have taken advantage of an emerging trend: stadium-sized “displays” where a person becomes …

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Plants versus Humans – Botanicus Interacticus

Entrance to Tomorrowland

Disney Research announced a new invention that adds multitouch interactivity to living plants at the recent SIGGRAPH2012 conference. Given that my wife is a horticulturalist and I am an interaction designer, this has the potential to be one of those chocolate and peanut-butter breakthroughs that …

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