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A UX “Envelope of Protection” – Insights from Disney’s Selfie Stick Ban

Envelope of Protection Device

The object in the lead photo may look like some medieval torture device or weapon, but its real purpose is just the opposite. Disney uses this device to test what they call an “envelop

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Fitts’s Law, Pie Menus, Gestures and a Car Touchscreen Experience

New Car Touchscreen Concept

If you absolutely MUST have a touchscreen in a car, why not explore ways to design it a bit better? Physical knobs and dials may remain the best and safest user interface in cars for years to

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9 UX Design “Fails” In Star Wars

star wars collage

Study Introduction: A case study was commissioned to review the impact of user experience (UX) design in a galaxy far, far away. This appears to be a period full of technological wonder with faster-than-light space

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Dr. Strange-Words or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love “User Experience Design”

Inhuman Resources sign from attraction

There are only two industries that refer to their customers as ‘users’  – Edward Tufte. In recent months, I have grown more sensitive to the language of User Experience Design and how we can use

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Surprise and Delight in UX… and Trash Cans

PUSH the Talking Trash Can

Something punny is happening Except for perhaps arriving to work in the morning and finding yours displaced from your cubicle, few of us would be down in the dumps over a missing trash can. And

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Disney View-Master Memories and Experiments

View-Master Viewer

View-Master reels and viewers have been commercially available since 1939. They take advantage of human’s stereoscopic vision by presenting a slightly different image to each eye. The brain combines both together to create a

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